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The secret of brain balancing
Namya congratulates to all visa holders and students who performed excellent in IELTS, German and Danish language. You have made Namya proud. Namya wishes for your bright, and prosperous future.

Centuries ago an entire branch of yoga developed to ensure devotees breathed out of the proper nostril during daily activities. Now researchers have checked nostrils. Scientists at Dalhousie University found verbal (left) brain and spatial (right) brain ability varied markedly as breath switched and a hemisphere cycle to dominance. Switching the breath to stimulate the left brain could give you an edge when reasoning, using language, or do math. Alter to the right when spatial, creative, synthesizing thoughts is needed.

Generally the left brain controls the right side of your body, the right brain your left side. To quickly energize your verbal left brain, press your finger against your left nostril and breathe deeply through the right. One way to switch the work cycle is  to lie down or lay relax on chair. Stay on your right side for a while and your left brain will come into dominance, or your left side for right-brain dominance.

Here is a technique for this. Do belly breathing for a couple of minute. Then assume a hand position that lets you close either or both nostrils: Hold up the thumb and last two fingers of your hand, curl the middle fingers in out of the way. Close off the right nostril and take a long, slow, gentle breath through the left. Switch the pressure and exhale through the right nostril. Do this three times. Then reverse for another cycle of three. Put your hands in your lap and take three more deep, slow breaths. Then "palm" your eyes holding your hands over your eyes for a minute as you continue belly breathing. "Your nose," as one Dalhousie scientist put it, "can become an instrument to fine tune your brain."

Superlearning, if you use the full package, automatically engages the whole brain. Here is an exercise some learners use to balance the hemisphere and – this is important – improve communication between them. If hemispheres are communicating as you tackle a problem, they resonate a whole brain, greatly expanding your resources. Draw a deep relaxing breath and close your eyes, Look up to the left and imagine the letter A. Then look up to the right and…… We are using this techniques in our classes with appropriate relaxing and soothing superlearning musics, resulting in drastic improvement in the learning capacity of students. 220   

Oxygen for mega mental power

You can't last more than three minutes without oxygen. Your brain needs enormous amounts of oxygen to keep going. Your brain accounts for two percent of your body's weight, but uses 20 to 30 percent of the body's total oxygen. Thinking, solving problems, for instance, causes your brain to guzzle up even more of the body's precious oxygen. Your body's cells must have oxygen to burn food for energy. When you are oxygen deficient, it's like trying to burn damp food. Cells accumulate unmetabolized waste products that clog them up. Soon they are a breeding ground for viruses and  microbes.

Researches have shown that organic germanium increases mental capacity. It relieves symptoms of mind-numbing hypoxia (a disease caused by oxygen depletion) and relieves mental decline, memory loss, and senility.  Because germanium's oxygen helps cells clear around unburned waste products, it knocks out viruses and microbes that live on toxic residues. As an oxygen catalyst and a detoxifier in the body, it powers up the immune system to fight a vast range of ills that accompany our current oxygen-deficient existence. It's a powerhouse against viral disease. Organic germanium is found in garlic (लसुन).