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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Germany Study. 

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1. I am studying in 12. I want to study later in Germany. I want to begin my German language course once I completed 12 exams.

If you wait till your exam, you will be one year late. It would be better if you start your German language while you are studying in 12. Even after you have passed +2, you cannot enroll directly into Bachelor in Germany. You must take a one year preparatory course. German language B1 is needed to enroll in preparatory course. It takes about 8 -12 months to complete B1 language level. The longer you study German language; the better would be your fluency in writing and speaking. German is not a difficult language to learn. See German Language Class for details...

2. I have completed my +2 from Nepal. I want to study Bachelor Degree in Germany, am I eligible?

The twelve year of schooling from Nepal doesn’t qualify you directly for Bachelor degree in Germany (13 years of schooling is to be completed). You have to take one year Preparatory courses (Studienkolleg) in Germany. Sufficient command of German language (level B1) is required to enroll in these courses.

Note: Subjects such as Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Vitenary medicine, Psychology are taught only in German language in Germany.

3. I have completed one/two years of Bachelor from Nepal. Am I exempted from preparatory course or not?

It depends on the subject and University you have chosen. Some Universities do offer you the admission to Bachelor degree, provided you have good command in German language and IELTS score. However, completing level B1 would always be an advantage.

4. I want to go for Bachelor/Master degree in Germany to study in English medium. What are the language requirements?

For Bachelor degree, IELTS 6.0 and German language is required; since courses are taught 75% in English and 25% in Germany.   German language is not the barrier for Master degree in most case. But IELTS 6.0 and 4 yrs Bachelor or 3 years Bachelor and 1 year Master is required (minimum). German language is an advantage for students to hunt secure job easily in Germany. However, if you want to go for courses taught only in German, no IELTS is required. Good command in German language is sufficient.   

 5. I want to study medicine in Germany. What are the requirements?

A very good command in German language (more than 600 hours). If you have completed +2 or equivalent, you must apply for one year preparatory course. Preparatory course ends with a test called assessment test. The Grade you obtain on this test decides whether you will be admitted to Medicine or still you have to take preparatory course. It takes 6 years+ to complete medicine in Germany.

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6. I want to go for Bachelor degree in Nursing. What are the eligibilities?

Since Nursing is taught only in German Language, a good command in German language is prerequisite. In addition, one or two years of professional experience is required.

7. After SLC, I have completed three years of Nursing from CTEVT. Is that equivalent to 13 years of schooling?

The three years of Nursing from CTEVT is recognized only as two years and thus is not equivalent to 13 years of schooling.

Note: Any 3 years training from CTEVT after SLC is recognized only as 2 years and need to be certified by Tribhuvan University.

8. I have completed my MBBS from Nepal. I want to go for MD. What are my chances?

If your German language command is good, i.e. you can write and understand prescriptions in German language; then your chances are maximized.

9. I have completed Bachelor degree from Nepal. I want to go for Mater degree. What about me?

For studying Master degree in Engineering, four years of Bachelor degree in engineering is must. But, such restriction doesn’t apply for other subjects; however, there are only few universities that accept three years of Bachelor degree from Nepal as a qualification for Master degree. One year completion of Master degree or full completion of master degree would be an advantage.

10. Can I take Dependent with me?


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