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German language classes for Au pairs / Students.

Learning German Language

Learning German is a challenge, but the rewards are great. No language other than English is of more use to you when travelling around Europe. German language is the main language of European Union. Not only are there many more Germans (82 million) than there are French, Italians or Spaniards, for example, but the countries of Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg further swell those numbers by several million native-speakers, not to mention the German-speaking minorities living in Russia, Romania, Hungary, Italy, Belgium and Denmark.

Join Namya's German language preparation classes via superlearning, NLP and PDTs techniques to develop superb skills in short time.

All in all, the number of native-speakers of German living in Europe is nigh on 100 million. But go travelling through eastern Europe and you will be amazed at how well Poles, Hungarians and even Latvians, for example, can speak German too; their German is often much better than their English. Germany is an economic power of enormous importance and lies both physically and philosophically at the heart of the European Union. If you are interested in Europe and seek to broaden your linguistic and cultural horizons, you need look no further than German.