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Germany is located in Central Europe. It is bordered to the north by the North Sea, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea; to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic; to the south by Austria and Switzerland; and to the west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Germany is the economic powerhouse of the Europe. Germany is the largest exporter of the World. There are unlimited job opportunities for everyone who have basic command of German language.

Germany has more than 300 State financed Universities and Universities of applied Science and over 1000 subjects. Excepts Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and other few subjects, most of the subjects are available in English medium. Most of the Universities  offers free education, however, some universities do charge a semester fee of 500 ?, equivalent to around NRs. 8,500 per month. German degrees are recognized around the world and credits are transferred to most countries. German Projects are worldwide. Studying in Germany guarantees the chances of better job on every corner of the world wherever you are.


 German is the birth place of Several Noble Laureates like Albert Einstein and many others.

Every tenth book produced in the world is produced in German language.

German language is the first language on the internet regarding information and technology. German language is the Second language of United nations next to English. German is the Second destination of International students next to USA. Almost half of the international students studying in Germany Universities are from USA, Canada, Australia and UK. Currently more than 3,00,000 international students are studying in Germany. 

Because of very very low tuition fee compared to USA, UK, Canada and Australia and technical education, Germany has been the best destination of Students of these countries.

More than 7 million foreigners live in Germany. Several metropolitan regions have prominent foreign communities with their own schools, churches, shops and restaurants. For example, a large number of Japanese live in the Düsseldorf region, many Koreans in and around Frankfurt and many Chinese in Hamburg. However, Nepalis are scattered all around Germany. 

Germany has a highly developed infrastructure made up of a closely knit network of roads, railways and international airports. That guarantees swift connections. Frankfurt Airport is an international hub. The Port of Hamburg is one of largest container transshipment centres in Europe. Communications infrastructure is also exceptionally well-developed throughout the country.

Germany can boast of a very high level of innovation. Germany has 277 international patents per one million inhabitants ? more than anywhere else in the world.

Germany ranks fourth in the world in terms of legal security. Germany is a modern constitutional state with transparent and reasonable laws. The advantages are internationally recognized. The German legal system has served as a model for legal systems in many other countries. International studies demonstrate that German legal security is highly regarded by investors.