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Superlearning; the new science of achievement

Superlearning and supermemory

"If only the tool you have is the hammer, every problem looks like a nail," remarked Abraham Maslow. Its time to reach into a bagful of new tools and stop hammering out the same old solutions. It is time to give up horse-and-buggy learning. Something else is important to all of us. Change is not an option anymore. The option now is to become an agent of change, not a victim of change. As never before, we need to be flexible, to know how to take charge of change without terrible struggle. As never before, we need the know-how to bring more of our abilities on line- that supposed 90 percentage of human potential we don't usually connect with.

The most straightforward, elegant use of superlearning, one that's proved endlessly successful, is to lean back and learn facts, figures, and languages quickly, at any age. Imagine how you would feel a solid grasp of a necessary subject if you could do it without crowding with time. How would you accelerate learning language, science or math. One way is by using superlearning music. More and detail music on classes and Namya's CDs.. Samples of superlearning musics are available on download section.  Click here to listen sample.

To step up your learning, the first step is slowing down your body rhythms while keeping your mind alert- getting into the optimal state for superlearning. Our superlearning exercises with relaxing background music in classes brings you into this best state via combination of visualization, breathing, enchanting and positive affirmations techniques.

Dissolving stress

Stand or sit. Tense your muscles gently and briefly, starting with your toes and legs, lower back and abdomen, upper toes, shoulders, chest, arms, and face. Feel the whole body tense from toes to head. Hold the tension for a couple of seconds. Then, let a wave of warm relaxation flow down through your body. starting with your head. Let it roll over your neck, arms, shoulders, back, abdomen, legs and feet. Let the wave roll away strain and fatigue. Note where you are carrying or storing tension in your body. Feel the tension in your muscles wash away with each wave. Do this two or three times with breathing at first. Add a few neck rolls to improve circulation to your head. With the aid of appropriate timing and using background relaxation music, (Click here to listen sample.) this exercise is panacea for dissolving stress. 

Oxygen for mega mental power

You can't last more than three minutes without oxygen. Your brain needs enormous amounts of oxygen to keep going. Your brain accounts for two percent of your body's weight, but uses 20 to 30 percent of the body's total oxygen. Thinking, solving problems, for instance, causes your brain to guzzle up even more of the body's precious oxygen. Your body's cells must have oxygen to burn food for energy. When you are oxygen deficient, it's like trying to burn damp food. Cells accumulate unmetabolized waste products that clog them up. Soon they are a breeding ground for viruses and  microbes.

Researches have shown that organic germanium increases mental capacity. It relieves symptoms of mind-numbing hypoxia (a disease caused by oxygen depletion) and relieves mental decline, memory loss, and senility.  Because germanium's oxygen helps cells clear around unburned waste products, it knocks out viruses and microbes that live on toxic residues. As an oxygen catalyst and a detoxifier in the body, it powers up the immune system to fight a vast range of ills that accompany our current oxygen-deficient existence. It's a powerhouse against viral disease. Organic germanium is found in garlic (लसुन). 

Accelerated way of learning 

Would you  like to learn two to five times faster without stress and remember what you have learned? That is what students wrapped in special music do. More..  They are engaged in a new way to learn that we call super learning. They are using it to tap into that ocean of potential.

To keep doing same thing over and over and expect a different result is a form of insanity. The beauty of super learning is you can finally take a deep breath and relax. Instead of adding pressure in the push to learn, super learning drains stress away. 

Man has the potentials to do whatever he wants and that his limits are those he decides to set for himself. From our hard experience, most of us think education means cramming something in. But the literal meaning of education is to draw out from. That is why super learning systems are designed to do, draw out a wealth of innate talent and, go through you may not think so, the vast store of knowledge you always possess. It is not a new idea but rather a rebirth of very old one. We are all connected to infinite knowledge. As Tildman had rightly said, "We are not the human beings with spiritual experience, but we are the spiritual beings with human experience". 

The right state

Relax, get comfortable and close your eyes. Think of a time when you feel really good about yourself, when you were riding high with success, when all systems were go. It might be when you gave a speech in front of people, or when the girl of your dream said yes. The farther back you can go in time, the better. How about when you finally got your +2 clearance certificate or you got your job or learned to ride a bike or got gift from someone special?

Relive your memory of success and you will be in the right state – body, mind, emotions, spirit – for achievement. All of these elements live in vivid memory. Once you get a handle on what is really going on in a vivid memory, you have the key, perhaps the key to conscious change. The mysterious, shaping power of memory is that elusive something beneath the usual super learning techniques that now and then kicks in to bring remarkable change and transformations, the sort of thing that sparkled numerous scholars.

Once you realize that memory is not just something that sits at the bottom of your head like a necessary suitcase, that it is creative process, you can get leverage. You can bring to make it work for you, not against you. You can turn the key and drop the limiting bonds of memory that chain you to the past; you can begin coloring the bright memories of the future. You will also find new ways to remember whole things better. 

Excelebration! Joy of learning recall 

Celebrate your abilities and accomplishments! Your additional potentials are all there just waiting to surface. What summons them? Emotion- specifically the emotions of joy, pleasure, gratitude. Joy is a powerful emotional messenger that communicates with the inner mind so that it can work with you, not against you. The "no pain, no gain" philosophy got us to the 5% level of our potentials.  Now with endorphin-powered super learning, it's through exhilaration to acceleration. Joy  may be the key to opening the remaining 95% of our potentials. 

Getting rid of worry, anxiety and fear of failure gives your abilities to chance to shine. Imagining yourself in a beautiful spot in nature is a proven way of soothing the mind and releasing worries and pleasure. This is one of the best techniques we would be doing with our students in classes with relaxing musics on background.