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German language classes for Au pairs / Students.

General information

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More Information about Au pair

Age: Germany has an Au pair program for young girls aged 18 to 26

Minimum Eligibility

Candidate must pass German language level A1 (above 80 Marks) or A2 and have completed at least SLC or higher.

Duration: 1 year. 

Accommodation and meals: will be made available by the host family free of charge. The au pair is provided a separate, heatable and sufficiently furnished room in the family's house.

Free trial classes for 3 days !!! Free trial classes for 3 days !!!

Language of host family: Au pairs are coming to Germany in order to improve their command of German. For this reason, German must be spoken by the family.

Working hours and type of help with housekeeping: Help with housework will cover a maximum of 30 hours per week and should not exceed six hours per day, baby sitting included. Duties will comprise childcare and light housework (e.g. preparing a simple meal, ironing, etc.).

Expenses covered by the host family: monthly pocket money of ? 260+; health, accident and liability insurance; cost of medical examinations if requested by the authorities or by the host family; fares of transportation required to attend a language course in the closest possible vicinity of the family?s residence.


Holidays: two days of paid leave per month of actual presence (whereby the Sundays are not considered as a day of leave). Public holidays are free or must be compensated by 
giving time off.
Free time: The host family must allow a day and a half of uninterrupted free time per week covering a weekend at least once a month, and at least four free evenings per week.

Notice: The period of notice is 14 days. Termination of the contract must be in writing.

Your rights as an Au Pair

You also enjoy your meals with your host family.Your host family will treat you as a part of the family and integrate you in their life as much and actively as you wish. Your host family pays for your monthly ticket for public transportation, so that you will be flexible and can access your language school or friends? houses easily. In more rural areas, you sometimes have access to the family's car if they do not need it.

You are encouraged to and have the right to attend a language school in your area, normally twice a week. Generally, your host family will partly or fully sponsor this class. In your free time you should have the opportunity to experience cultural events with your new friends, such as theater productions, museums, festivals and movie theaters.

On the weekends you are generally off and do not work for more than 30 hours a week! When you are staying in your host family for 12 months you are entitled to 4 weeks of paid vacation.If your host family goes on vacation, they normally take you with them (while you are working for them). If you do not accompany your host family, they will provide you with adequate food during their absence.

Duties of the Au Pair

The main task of an Au Pair is caring for the host family's children for about 5 hours a day or 30 hours a week. This may include taking them to and from kindergarten, school or activities, playing with them inside and outside the house, doing arts and crafts or other fun projects, helping them with homework and/or taking them to bed at night.You are also asked to perform light household chores, which include preparing small meals for the children, straightening up, washing, ironing, mopping, vacuuming and just in general cleaning up after yourself. Sometimes your host family may ask you to do some grocery shopping for the family and yourself.Two nights a week you may also be asked to do some babysitting, but you will schedule these nights with your host family individually.

Free trial classes for 3 days !!! Free trial classes for 3 days !!!